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André Habib

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Vitality Clinic

Welcome to ACC registered Vitality Osteopathic Clinic. My name is André and I am conveniently located in Three Lamps Ponsonby central Auckland, not far from the CBD, Herne Bay, Grey Lynn, Parnell, Mt Eden and Newmarket.
I believe in working with you to get you back to optimum health and vitality in the quickest time possible, using a wide range of techniques and approaches. Whether you have had an accident or injury or have niggles, aches, and pains that you are no longer prepared to live with, osteopathy may be able to help.
The body is an amazing thing, it can go on for years without any problems, it can repair itself when injured, it will always seek to be in balance to the best of its ability. I believe that we start to have problems when the body runs out of space in which to adapt to what is going on. In my treatment sessions, I look at how to facilitate a return to having space to allow your body to be able to adapt again to the ever-changing world in which we live. What is more, I give you the tools to take home or into your work, recreation, passion or sport to help maintain the changes we achieve in the clinic and to help keep you fit and healthy for longer.
So whether you have a long-standing complaint or have just injured yourself osteopathy may be of benefit to you. What is more, if your injury is accident related it can be covered by ACC without the need to visit a GP first. So why not come and get checked out. We can discuss your aims and goals on your first visit and come up with a tailored plan to suit you. Sessions are 45 minutes to an hour and only cost $110 or $60 on ACC.

Unexpected things happen so you can cancel appointments up to 24hrs in advance. Please note that a late cancellation fee of $50 applies if cancelled after this time as it leaves no time to give your time to someone else.

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